Feb 27

Top 10 things to do in Cairns

By Amanda - Founder Sea Salt Marketing | Destination Marketing

Being the other half of a pilot has us moving around Australia quite a bit – our latest destination is in the incredible Tropical North Queensland in Palm Cove – about 20 minutes from Cairns. With lots of visitors over the last 12 months (and plenty more to come) I thought I’d share my top 10 things to do when visiting. 

1. View the magnificent Great Barrier Reef – You have never seen anything more spectacular than a birds-eye view of this natural phenomenon. Whilst you can scuba, snorkel and dive seeing it from the air is absolutely breath taking. You can go via plane with GSL Aviation or by chopper with GBR Helicopters. Both are beautiful and you can tie in a boat trip out with a half day snorkel – so ask for some options. 

2. Do the waterfall loop – as well as the reef, Cairns is on the doorstep of the rainforest. I’d suggest hiring a car and doing the loop around the Atherton Tablelands (this is better than the Daintree if you ask me!). A solid day would include stops at Lake Eacham, Millaa Millaa falls, lunch at the Mungalli Creek Dairy, then stop at Josephine Falls and if you have time the Babinda Boulders on your way back to Cairns. These are all picturesque swimming spots so pack your bathers.

3. A few nights in Port Douglas – just over an hours drive from Cairns is the cosmopolitan Port Douglas, reminiscent of Noosa there are lots of gorgeous shops, restaurants, the beach and the port. The Sunday markets are really high quality with lots to look at and buy. Port might be a better spot to place yourself if your interested in snorkelling the reef as access to the outer reef is much better from Port than Cairns.

4. Wild White Water Rafting – one of the best things we’ve done in Cairns. Go with Raging Thunder and make sure you do the Tully River (XTreme Tour) not the Barron. A day full of adventure and fun, it is exhilarating and relaxing as you go through the rapids of the Atherton tablelands, lots of waterfall

5. Jungle Surfing the Daintree Rainforest – in the world heritage listed rainforest make your way to Cape Tribulation where you can do swing from canopy’s in the rainforest with Jungle Surfing. Learn about the animals and plants whilst you swing upside down and revel in the abundance of nature that surrounds you. Heaps of fun!

6. Drop into Palm Cove – just 20 mins from Cairns (and my back doorstep) this is definitely the hidden gem of Cairns. With a busy little main street directly on the beach there are loads of cafes and restaurants as well as Palm Trees for miles. Once you’re there you can kayak out to Double Island or just chill on the beach and have a coffee (or cocktail) and Chill Cafe or Vivos (our favorites!)

7. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef – On the list for everyone and the best place to go out to the reef is from Port Douglas. Tie it in with a chopper flight or book with Quicksilver . The colours and clarity of the water is phenomenal, and if you don’t like swimming there are submarines that will take you down and you can view the reef and stay dry. 

8. Discover Fitzroy Island – only a 40 minute ferry from Cairns and find yourself on an island in the middle of the reef. You can stay the night or just go for a day trip. Hire snorkels, paddle boards or walk up to the top of the island to the lighthouse. Plenty to keep you busy or track around to Nudie Beach on the other side of the island for a quieter day in the sun. A must-do and much better than Green Island 

9. Witness the magnificent Barron Falls – move over Niagara Falls this is a sight to see! Only worth seeing during or just after the Wet Season after Cairns has had a heap of rain. To get there you can catch the skyrail or drive. The skyrail is slow and relaxed and takes you to Kuranda for the day, then back on the train – good if you don’t like walking to far. Otherwise take car and walk in.  

10. Chill Out in Mossman Gorge – just 10 mins from Port Douglas this waterhole is serene and the perfect place to cool off on a hot day. Not a big walk with a bus in and out of the gorge. Highly recommended if you’re staying in Port Douglas for a few days

Aug 29

5 Apps that Make Life Easier On the Go

By Amanda - Founder Sea Salt Marketing | Digital Marketing


The growing dependence on the digital world has made everything more mobile, and for me, being the other half of a pilot our lifestyle requires me to have a business model that takes advantage of this wherever possible! Over the years, I have come across a few awesome apps that make my life so much easier on the go!

  1. Xero accounting- A super easy-to-use accounting app that allows me to organize my business finances in a few simple clicks. It gives me the ability to reconcile, pay and invoice on-the-go and I’m able to see my financial position at a glace, as well as expected cash flow for the month. Even if numbers aren’t your strong point, you will find this app super easy to use and feel more in control of your finances.
  2. Hootsuite– I have a client that used to get to about 4pm every day and she’d be like “Ah I need to post something on Facebook!”….she set her phone alarm and gave herself 10 minutes to find a photo and say something about it. Posting, Liking, Hashtagging & Sharing its hard to keep on top of it and ensure you’re sharing valuable information that your audience finds engaging. With Hootsuite you can schedule in posts for all your social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In & Tumblr. I sit down for one day and load in all my content for that month – this helps keep a consistent tone, share a variety of content and gives you so much time back in your month to work on other parts of your business. It is one of my favourite apps that I use.
  3. Google Analytics – With this app, you can easily check the traffic, conversion and sales of your website with one click. It also has the ability of “real time” so you can see who is on your site at any given time, where they’re from and what they are clicking on. These customer insights can be hugely helpful in determining actionable strategies for your business. The best thing? You can be lying by the pool whilst you’re thinking of how to improve your website, no need to be at a desk!
  4. Dropbox- If you don’t have enough space on your phone to store big artwork files, photos and presentations then the Dropbox app is perfect. I use this all the time to share files with clients and provide comments and feedback on work in progress documents no matter where we are. The Dropbox app comes up with an intuitive interface that allowing me to keep and organize all my files in the cloud without taking up precious space on my phone.
  5. Fiverr– Where you can find almost any business service for $5! It’s effectively an online marketplace that gives you access to a wide consumer network across the world. Download the app, post a job and let people bid on it for you, starting from $5. It’s perfect for small jobs that needs to be done quickly, and the best thing….you can view it from anywhere!

There are lots more out there, but these are some of the ones that allow me to focus on more the life part of work/life balance, hopefully you find them as useful as I do!

Aug 29

Email marketing is more than just your Monthly Mailchimp Newsletter!

By Amanda - Founder Sea Salt Marketing | Digital Marketing


When it comes to business communication, email marketing can play a major role in your marketing strategy. In fact, the success of any business is critical to the communication you establish with your potential clients and customers. Back in 2001 Mailchimp was considered revolutionary software and since then millions of businesses around the world are utilizing this platform for their email marketing, with majority sending their monthly newsletter, and stopping there.

Well there’s more! Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the new buzzword in town. CRM activities are gaining popularity for all the right reasons – they are personalized, direct, flexible, easily manageable, customizable, and offers smart insights. Here are a few things you can be doing with your Email Marketing to build your CRM.

Personalization – It is paramount that your email marketing is personalized to your customer. Find out more than just your customer name….what are their interests, when is their birthday, where do they live that can help you personalize an email to them that makes them feel like more than just a name in a database. Someone is ten times more likely to open an email that is addressed to him or her. What if you could also make suggestions about what to do in their local area, or a give a special discount on their birthday? Incorporating a series of “Welcome Emails” as part of your Email Marketing is a great way to find out more information about your customers, and target them more effectively with your email marketing activity. 

Trigger e-mails –Trigger emails are the perfect addition to the email marketing toolbox. It allows you to time your emails based on specific events or an action of your subscribers. Trigger emails can also be configured based on location, events, date, time, and other such factors. They tend to have a better response rate and higher impact on the target audience. In my experience, the hardest part is setting up the triggers and consumer workflows in your email platform. Working with an experienced agency to help set up your campaign is the best place to start. Once it’s all set up, the software will take it from there, and you can simply manage it yourself to save time & money.

Active Campaign – There are more platforms out there than just Mailchimp. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with Mailchimp but other platforms offers more sophistication, flexibility as well as being cost effective that you may not know about. Active campaign as an Email Marketing platform that taps into these brilliant features of CRM and helps integrate them into the business promotional activities. It is perfect for Startups or new businesses that wish to expand and become more targeted and personalized with their emails – definitely my favourite.

Email marketing now more than ever is relevant & important in driving your business success. There are new tools being introduced to ensure greater advantage to email marketers that goes beyond your Monthly Mailchimp Newsletter – give it a go and see how your sales can thrive.

Oct 09

Destination Marketing – Top 11 things to do in Broome

By Amanda - Founder Sea Salt Marketing | Destination Marketing

I have been lucky enough to call one of the most beautiful places in Australia home for the last two years; Broome, Western Australia. When you ask someone that’s never been to Broome what first comes to mind when they think of the destination, you hear things like Cable Beach, Pearls and Camels….but when you ask a local what makes Broome so special you get the most diverse range of answers it is incredible. There are so many things that make this destination a unique place to visit, marketing this destination and working directly with some of the most incredible tourism brands in the country is what every marketer dreams of. As well as being experts in their area these operators have the ability to showcase the best parts of Broome and the Kimberley to make it an aspirational destination to market, explore and discover.

There are so many wonderful things I couldn’t keep it to 10, so here are my top 11 things to do in Broome. Here at Sea Salt we work closely with numbers four, five and six with the brand marketing and online marketing. So if you like what you see and think we can help your business, get in touch. Otherwise, enjoy the read and book a holiday to the most unique destination in the world!

1. Witness the magnificent Horizontal Falls – One of nature’s wonders; powered by the huge tidal movements of the Indian Ocean. You can get there with Horizontal Falls Seaplane Adventures which as well as seeing this extraordinary natural phenomenon you get to land on Talbot Bay in a Seaplane and experience a speed boat through the falls. Take in the breath taking Buccaneer Archipelago and land at the famous Cape Leveque for breakfast and a swim. Highly recommended and an absolute must-do when visiting Broome.

2. Find yourself a beautiful Broome Pearl – Broome is the home of the South Sea Pearl, the finest in the world. You can take a visit to a pearl farm at Willie Creek or Cygnet Bay by helicopter, aircraft, bus or self-drive. If you’re staying in town, pop down to Dampier Terrace in Chinatown to discover some of the finest pearl jewellery in the world.

3. Book yourself and ARDI Experience – Stretching 220km north east of Broome along the Cape Leveque Road, the Dampier Peninsula’s natural beauty is only matched by the depth of its culture. This is where the red earth landscape and unspoiled beaches will leave you in awe of our this amazing country. One day is not enough, book yourself into a eco safari tent at Kooljaman at Cape Leveque and then jump onto Brian Lee’s Tagalong Tour which departs Kooljaman most mornings. Take in the spectacular scenery and meet some amazing locals whilst Brian shares his country and unique Aboriginal perspective, you may even catch a fish or a mud-crab along the way!

4. Walk in the footsteps of Dinosaurs – Broome is the only place in the world where you can take a hovercraft flight to see the 120 million year old dinosaur footprints, step out on to the Ocean floor and watch the sunset while sipping on a glass of bubbly. After the flight enjoy dinner on the very edge of the magical waters of Roebuck bay at Thousand Stars Bar and Cafe’ set at the Hovercraft base.

5. An hour north of Broome is the local’s best kept secret….explore the spectacular stretch of pristine coastline engulfed by red pindan cliffs, white sandy beaches and turquoise ocean accessible by 4WD. Places like Barred Creek, Quandang Point and James Price Point is where you’ll find the locals camping most weekends. If you don’t have a 4WD you can discover this special part of Broome with Amazing Kimberley Tours & Charter or Instyle Adventures who offer personalised day tours around Broome.

6. A Truly Cultural Experience – Get a taste of music, dance, food, arts & traditions at the unique music & picture show A Taste of Broome. With cuisine experiences created around the distinctive Indigenous culture of Broomes multi-cultural community it is a monthly event that will enrich your visit to Broome.

7. Cruise up the Kimberley Coast – Cruising the Kimberley should be on everyone’s bucket list. The remote and untouched Kimberley coast offers a unique beauty with its thousands of islands, reefs, gorges and waterfalls teaming with marine and birdlife. Speak to one of the Kimberley cruising experts based in Broome at Cruise the Kimberley and they can help find your perfect cruise.

8. Have a Whale of a time – Between June and August over 30,000 Whales spend the winter in the waters off the Kimberley Coast. They share the sea with Manta Rays, Dolphins, Turtles, Dugongs and more. You can get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures on daily tours during the season.

9. Camels and Cable Beach go together like a horse and carriage – You simply have to have a ride on these gentle giants, or if you have a 4WD you can drive onto the beach north of the rocks and watch these cheeky animals walk past the sun set with a drink in hand.

10. Staircase to the moon – A natural phenomenon that occurs when the full moon rises over the exposed mudflats of Roebuck Bay at extremely low tide creating the optical illusion of a staircase reaching up to the moon. The most popular places to view this is at The Mangrove Hotel or Town Beach.

11. Head South to Eco Beach – The perfect local weekend getaway is the stunning Eco Beach. Just over an hour’s drive and this spectacular eco wilderness resort will leave you feeling like you’ve been away for weeks. Stay in one the luxury safari tents or villas and dine with an ocean view in Jacks Restaurant. There’s lots to do with helicopters, fishing, yoga, bushwalking or just relax on the beach. Divine!