Jun 06

How investing in digital marketing helps referral

By Amanda - Founder Sea Salt Marketing | Destination Marketing

There’s no doubting that in the modern construction industry, word of mouth is still the most important lead generator. Someone has a good experience with your building business and they’ll tell their family, friends, neighbours, even their barista! However, once this potential new client has heard about your business, the first thing they’ll do is […]

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Aug 29

Email marketing is more than just your Monthly Mailchimp Newsletter!

By Amanda - Founder Sea Salt Marketing | Digital Marketing

When it comes to business communication, email marketing can play a major role in your marketing strategy. In fact, the success of any business is critical to the communication you establish with your potential clients and customers. Back in 2001 Mailchimp was considered revolutionary software and since then millions of businesses around the world are […]

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A step-by-step guide on the most essential aspects of your marketing strategy to drive enquiry.

9 Steps to Driving Enquiry

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