A Builders Guide To Social Media Content

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Having a strong social media presence is crucial in today’s digital landscape. But as a builder, you might not have the time to manage it all yourself. This guide provides you with the key content areas to share with your marketer, allowing them to craft a social media strategy that showcases your expertise and attracts potential clients.

Content to Capture: Telling Your Build Story through Project Showcases

To truly showcase your incredible work, capture a variety of high-quality photos. Document the entire journey with regular “On-site Progress” photos, highlighting the impressive transformation from the foundation being laid to the finished masterpiece.

Showcase your skills with impactful “Before and Afters” that visually demonstrate the incredible difference you make. When showcasing “Completed Projects,” ensure professional-looking photos with good lighting and various angles to capture every detail of the stunning space.

Also, don’t forget the close-up “Detail Shots.” Focus on the unique design elements, high-quality finishes, or interesting architectural details that set your projects apart from the rest.

Team & Expertise: Putting a Face to Your Business

To capture the heart of your company and connect with potential clients, go beyond just the build itself! Showcase your team with photos of workers collaborating on a project or proudly presenting a finished masterpiece.

Offer a glimpse into your daily operations with photos of planning meetings, material selection, or crews working together. These behind-the-scenes peeks showcase your professionalism and collaborative spirit.

Also, don’t be shy about sharing photos of any awards or recognition your company has received! This builds trust and credibility, highlighting your expertise and dedication to excellence within your industry.

Compelling Content to Spark Engagement

Positive social proof builds trust and featuring testimonials in video and written format can be excellent features for social media. Build rapport with your potential clients by showcasing your commitment to the local community with photos of sponsorships, volunteering at events or local projects.

Additional Tips on Photography

While professional photography is always a great option, don’t underestimate the power of good lighting and a decent phone camera! You can capture high-quality content yourself. Remember to choose the right photo orientation depending on the image: landscape for wide shots of completed projects and action shots capturing the energy of the construction site, and portrait for close-up detail shots. Mixing these orientations will keep your social feed visually interesting.

Instagram Reels: Short & Captivating Videos

While the specifics (aspect ratio, resolution, and video length) can be provided by your marketer, here are some content ideas for engaging Reels:

A project timelapse lets viewers see the incredible transformation of your projects in a fun and dynamic way.

Featuring short video testimonials where satisfied clients share their positive experiences. This resonates with potential clients looking for a builder they can trust.

Offer a glimpse into your daily operations and the dedication of your team. Create a “Behind the Scenes” Reel that takes viewers on a quick tour of a project site or showcases a day in the life of your construction crew. This fosters a sense of connection with potential clients.

Want to spark conversation and showcase your commitment to innovation and quality? Short Reels highlighting interesting or high-tech building materials you use can be a great way to do it. This sparks interest from potential clients who appreciate cutting-edge construction techniques.

By providing your marketer with this content, you’ll allow them to create a social media strategy that effectively showcases your work and attracts potential clients. Remember, high-quality visuals, engaging content, and consistent posting are key to building a strong online presence.

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