Why they love working with Sea Salt Marketing


We like to think working for Sea Salt isn’t just a job. We seek out young, driven, talented people who are experts at what they do and want more out of life than working 9-5. When you’re part of the Sea Salt team it’s not just about making our clients happy but it’s developing and growing as an individual to do what you want…whether it’s learning a new skill, having a side hustle, or pushing you out of your comfort zone we’re a big supporter of each other.

Work/Life balance is at the core of everything we do, we offer a flexible schedule that works around that thing called life so you can surf, yoga, run, travel or just sleep in, as long as the work gets done.

As a client of Sea Salt you can be sure you get the best because our team are super happy and love doing what they do.

But don’t take our word for it; listen to the people that actually work with us…

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Jules is our resident ads specialist. With a tempered obsession of the Enneagram and brand personalities, her waking hours are spent figuring out how to get people excited about our clients' brands. She's got a Masters in Marketing Communications and professional experience in branding and digital marketing to boot. You can often find her alone in a crowd of people listening to Kpop.

“Working for Sea Salt Marketing and having Amanda as a mentor has grown me so much as a person. Professionally, Amanda has encouraged me to grow my discipline and take confidence in the work that I do- giving me more responsibility than I thought I could handle & seeing me thrive in the challenges. Personally, working with a team that love and encourage each other has contributed so much to my mental health and overall excitement about my job & life!”

Eli Zawertailo Digital Content Manager

Eli is our brand story writer and email marketing lead. With a professional copywriting background, he finds fulfilment in building emotive brand voices and stories for any business needing a fresh start or eye-catching entry into market. He’s a big fan of all things boundary-pushing - whether that be in the fashion, music, or branding worlds.

Ashleigh Hendel Social Media Manager

Ash is our Social Media Manager. She runs a successful Instagram for her two dogs, so you’re in good hands when Ash is running your socials! With a Bachelor in Media & Communication, and professional experience working in various social media related roles, Ash knows how to stop the scroll. Be sure not to confuse Ash H with our Digital Content Manager Ash W!

Isabella is our in-house copywriting wizard. A Sydney native, she studied Media & Communications at the University of Sydney. As a freelancer, she's worked on campaigns and copy for clients including Apple, American Express, Universal Music and Island Records, among others. Believe us when we say that she's too cool for us– running an independent print music magazine called Gusher & flying to Japan for interviews.

Emily is a word nerd who enjoys nothing more than creating clear and concise copy for books, websites, social networks and anything in between.  Luckily, she figured out how to do it for a job, and now works as a content editor in London. She is at her happiest when surrounded by good friends, good food and good wine. 

“I have been collaborating with Sea Salt for over two years and have loved every second! Working with Amanda and her team has allowed me to expand my skillset and portfolio, take on a variety of projects and earn some extra income for travelling.

Amanda is a fantastic mentor and colleague, making the experience stress-free and enjoyable. I couldn’t ask more from an employer!”


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