When founder and director Amanda Cordner left the corporate world behind in 2015, she had an idea: to bring her expert brand marketing knowledge to another industry sector and help business owners expand their horizons.

Made To Impact Real People

Sea Salt Marketing was born from a desire to impact the lives of real people in the building industry. In the years since, we’ve grown into a boutique agency with a massive heart, and our specialised, tight-knit team loves to collaborate. Because we believe when it comes to brilliant ideas that build our clients businesses, everyone’s voice is valuable.

“Sea Salt makes the phone ring! We have increased our enquiry rate by 6 x. Our company has tripled in personnel and our turnover has increased by 5x. “

david maiolo, director RODA Developments, a sea salt Client SINCE 2016

Our Clients Are What Make Us..

Our clients are in one of Australia’s most exciting and steady industries – construction and building – and we work with builders across every state and territory, making their marketing worry-free by crafting unique marketing plans and strategies to help their businesses grow.  


We’ve seen too many builders trying to do it all, stressed about where the next job will come from, so we work as an extension of your team, applying our marketing creativity and strategic processes to keep the enquiries coming in.




At Sea Salt Marketing, we value collaboration and building genuine relationships with each client because this allows us to drive growth in an authentic way.

Our Ethos..

We aim to bring clarity to your brand and balance your business by providing effective marketing solutions that get results. 



If you are in the building industry, you’ll understand why, just like you, we prefer to keep it simple. Our straightforward, hands-on approach to marketing will give you less to worry about, and more time to spend on the thing that you do best – building great homes.



Our team will drill down to the core of what differentiates you from your competition, and communicate this to the people that care – whether that be through your brand, website, digital presence or social media. By defining your niche and implementing our proven marketing strategies, we’ll ensure that the right people find you and when they do, they’ll love what they see.

At Sea Salt, we are proactive and agile in a way that traditional agencies can’t be, and we are committed to operating at the forefront of industry trends. That means you receive best-in-class marketing strategies that deliver results. By drawing on the most valuable aspects of our diverse professional backgrounds, we’ve created a holistic approach to marketing that is innovatively simple and resoundingly effective.

Going Beyond Marketing Metrics..

Over the years, our clients have found the benefits of what we do go far beyond marketing metrics. Allowing us to do what we do best allows you to focus on servicing your clients by building the best homes (and more of them!). 


Overall, our track record of driving business growth and business balance can be attributed to one thing – our ability to make your marketing effective and worry-free.

Download Our Construction Marketing Guide Now

We know your time is precious and dedicating even a little of that time to digital marketing is easier said than done. That’s where we come in – our mission at Sea Salt is to make marketing worry-free for builders, take the first step and download our free guide.