A Guide to Being Authentic on Social Media

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With social media such a dominant part of our everyday lives, most people have become well-equipped at spotting inauthenticity online. We see it everywhere – from Instagram influencers photoshopping idyllic backgrounds to big corporations using slang or #millenialtalk in a bid to seem ‘cool’.

Authenticity for builders can be tricky territory. You are trying to sell a service, and this inherently involves showcasing your best work and photoshopping any imperfections. But followers are looking to forge more genuine social media interactions and that may call for some of those perfected completed home images to come down.

Builders also must jostle for space in an increasingly congested newsfeed, where they don’t only want to be seen, but want to create meaningful, engaging, educational and/or resonating content that creates a real connection with potential clients.

So how can you create an authentic presence on social media and forge real connections with followers and potential clients? Here are a few tips…

Honesty is everything

Most followers can determine fake-ness from a mile away. Whether it’s photoshopped images, sharing false achievements or being untruthful about your capabilities – your followers will pick it up quickly and the results can be devastating. This can often have the opposite effect that you intended – drawing followers away from your profile.

Instead, be honest and transparent. What do you really do? What does your company offer that is hard to find elsewhere? What have previous clients said about your service or product?

For an industry like building, which traditionally hasn’t offered much transparency, take the lead and provide invaluable insight into the trade. Humanise your business by providing progress pictures and create behind the scenes content.

Reconsider that call to action

People don’t like being constantly pestered online. Think about how you react when you see the same ad being shown over and over on TV or YouTube – you become annoyed and frustrated with the brand. Similarly, people are not going to want to follow you if every one of your posts are full of call to actions directing followers to make an enquiry.

Attracting followers and generating interest around your business is a delicate art, and it involves more subtly and concentrated efforts to cultivate connections. Not every post has to include a call to action. Play the long game and diversify your content. Mix up calls to actions with posts that serve to educate, build connections or deepen the relationship between you and your existing followers. This plan will pay off in the long run.

Be personal

Your most valuable asset is your unique voice. People want to see the faces and real people behind a business, so be professional, but not to a point where your brand appears cold and robotic.

Break the monotony of social media and get in front of the camera to teach something, talk about a material, explain how you started the business and discuss why you’re so passionate about what you do. That passion and zest will have long-lasting effects on those who view the content. They’ll feel invested and involved in not only a brand, but your story.

Looking to forge real connections with your followers online? Get in touch with Sea Salt Marketing today and find out how we can help boost your authenticity on social media.

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