Different types of content to include in your content marketing

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When it comes to promoting your construction company and positioning your business as an industry leader, producing high-quality content is an essential tool in your belt. However, it’s not just about blog posts. From email newsletters to videos, surveys to e-books, there are plenty of ways to demonstrate your knowledge to your intended audience. Here are just some of the formats you should consider using.

1. Blog posts

While it may not be just about blog posts, they are a tried-and true option for those looking to start their content journey. They are easy to produce and can cover a wide range of topics. They also don’t have to be lengthy – in fact, changing attention spans means 300-500 words is ideal.

2. Video

One of the largest trends in content production has been in video. Internet users are consuming video more than any other medium, so it is definitely worth including in your content plan. One of the best things about video is its versatility – topics can range from an ‘Ask Us’ series, where you answer commonly asked questions from your clients, to a ‘How-To’ series, where you can explain certain elements of the building journey, including contracts, or how to choose a builder.

Best of all, video allows you to present a human element to your business, revealing the faces behind the names and allowing your clients to form an authentic connection with your business.

3. Images

A picture says 1000 words, so why not have them work for you? A gallery of images or consistent Instagram posting allows your clients to see your work in its full glory, instead of relying on your descriptions. What’s more, on social media, images are much more effective at engaging potential customers – tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than those with just text, while Facebook posts with images result in 2.3 times more engagement than those with text.1

In the building industry, it is worth investing in a professional photographer to truly capture the details of your projects. They will understand the best way to represent your handiwork and ensure you are getting the most return out of your imagery.

4. e-book

An e-book is an interesting way to position your company as a thought leader. It is normally a longer form piece of content, covering a broad topic with smaller chapters, allowing you to demonstrate the breadth of your expertise. E-books are a great way to entice new customers, act as an incentive for newsletter sign-ups or to answer common questions you hear from clients.

A great e-book is usually informative, provides value to the reader, easy to follow and concise. It can include many types of content within its pages, including images, text, diagrams, illustrations, lists, templates and interviews.

5. Email newsletters

Email newsletters, or e-newsletters, are a great way to keep your current and future clients up to date with the latest information, trends and forecasts in the building industry. They are yet another way to position yourself and your business as an expert your client can trust, demonstrating your knowledge around best building practice.

You can opt to send e-newsletters out on a weekly, monthly or bi-monthly basis to your database, including a general business update, any new appointments and perhaps a blog post or how-to section.

6. Infographics

Some topics are best presented through a visual format – so why not try an infographic? These are a great way to break down complex, number-based subjects, or simply brighten up a basic topic. Examples include the various costs of building, an overview of the building process or the five tenets of great builder-client communication.

Infographics can be posted as a blog post, on your social media or as part of a larger document, making it a versatile piece of content that you can use more than once.

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