How investing in digital marketing helps referral

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There’s no doubting that in the modern construction industry, word of mouth is still the most important lead generator. Someone has a good experience with your building business and they’ll tell their family, friends, neighbours, even their barista!

However, once this potential new client has heard about your business, the first thing they’ll do is look you up online. If your digital marketing isn’t up to scratch, you’ll immediately lose their interest.

Therefore, modern building referral is now a two-part process: word of mouth gets you considered; marketing gets you over the line.

Here are four reasons why you should be investing in digital marketing:

Referrals will do their own research

Before you engage a new supplier or even choose a restaurant for dinner, do you look them up online? It’s no different for your business – if a potential client can’t find you online, you don’t stand a chance. Having a website that appears on the first few pages of a Google search is essential to convincing them of your service. However, it doesn’t stop there – your offering should be easy to navigate, provide an option to sign up to a monthly newsletter and be complemented by a strong social media presence. That way, you’ll stay front of mind during their research process and ensure a consistent line of messaging.

Social media is the new word of mouth

People used to have conversations about their homes over dinner or in the tearoom while the kettle was boiling. These same conversations have now moved online, with friends and family tagging each other on Instagram or Facebook posts.

This in itself is an implied referral, as it is someone sharing your content, demonstrating that they trust what you say – and by extension, what you do. Therefore, it is essential you give clients the opportunity to promote your brand for you. A consistent social media strategy will support your website, emphasise your key messages and further spread the word about your services.

Build a face-to-face and online relationship

Once you’ve established a working relationship with a client, it’s worth investing in your online one too. Reassure them of your expertise through regular social posting and encourage them to share their (hopefully, positive) experience with others. Consider writing educational blog content that shows you’re conscious of industry trends, including the latest materials and techniques. Sending out regular monthly newsletters with this content will keep your clients connected to your business and provide yet another avenue with which they can recommend your services to others.

Video becomes an option

The video is becoming an increasingly popular option for businesses wishing to reach a new type of consumer. Seeing the actual faces behind the business can go a long way in establishing trust and building rapport, while video makes showcasing projects a lot easier. After all, if a picture speaks 1000 words, imagine what video does!

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