Leveraging NCC Changes to Enhance Your Marketing Strategy

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Builders can definitely leverage the new NCC requirements – the 7-star energy rating and mandatory liveable housing standards – as a positive selling point in their marketing strategies. Here’s how:

Highlighting Benefits for Homeowners:

Lower running costs: Emphasise the significant reduction in energy bills for homeowners with a 7-star rated home. This resonates with everyone, especially in a time of rising costs.

Comfort and wellbeing: Showcase how the improved thermal performance translates to a more comfortable living environment with consistent temperatures year-round.

Sustainable living: Promote the environmental benefits of a 7-star home, appealing to eco-conscious buyers who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

Accessibility and future-proofing: For the liveable housing standards, emphasise the benefits for a wider range of buyers. This includes young families with prams, people with temporary or ongoing mobility limitations, and those planning for future accessibility needs.

Marketing Strategies:

Targeted messaging: Craft marketing messages that resonate with different buyer demographics. Young families might prioritise accessibility features, while retirees might be more interested in comfort and low energy bills.

Showcase features: Use high-quality visuals and clear explanations to showcase the specific features that contribute to the 7-star rating and liveable design standards. This could include insulation types, energy-efficient appliances, wider doorways, and accessible bathroom layouts.

Branding and differentiation: Position your company as a builder who prioritises energy efficiency, sustainability, and inclusivity. This can help attract buyers who value these qualities and differentiate you from competitors who might not be actively promoting these aspects.

Testimonials and case studies: Feature testimonials from satisfied homeowners who have purchased a 7-star, liveable-designed home. This adds social proof and strengthens your marketing message.

Awards and recognition: If you’ve received awards or recognition for building homes that meet or exceed the new NCC requirements, make sure to highlight these achievements in your marketing materials.

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