The Role of Facebook Ads In Your Marketing Plan

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Facebook ads are a powerful tool in every builder’s marketing strategy – they can be used to boost brand awareness, position you as an expert in the industry, and even close deals. But where do you start?

It can be overwhelming to get your head around Facebook’s wide selection of features – particularly in the realm of advertising – so this month we’re breaking it down for you. Keep reading to discover our favourite types of Facebook Ad campaigns and their role in your marketing plan.

The Importance of Brand Awareness

Research has found that users require up to seven interactions with a brand before a purchase – and given the large investment involved in building a home, we can assume that’s even higher for the construction industry. By implementing a brand awareness campaign through Facebook Ads, you’ll be seen by potential clients now, which increases your likelihood of converting them when they’re ready to build. This type of campaign will help you reach a broad target audience through a budget friendly approach.

It’s important to note that brand awareness campaigns alone are not intended to convert users into clients. Rather than driving sales, the aim of this type of campaign is to ensure your business is front of mind when users need a service that you offer. At Sea Salt Marketing, we generally recommend using brand awareness campaigns in conjunction with other campaign types to maximise results.

Boost Your Database with Lead Generation

Facebook ads are an excellent way to boost your database. Creating a lead generation campaign allows you to capture the contact details of potential clients in exchange for a free download. This could be a building guide, e-book or series of blog posts.

Facebook also conveniently allows you to integrate other platforms like Mailchimp, so exporting and adding your new qualified leads becomes a seamless experience.

Share Your Knowledge

One of the best ways to build trust with potential clients is through education, and Facebook offers a suite of tools to help with this. By implementing a traffic campaign, you can share new blogs, site updates and educational videos that link back to your website, YouTube channel and more. Not only can users react and comment to this content on Facebook, they can choose click through to learn more.

Using Facebook Ads to establish yourself as an expert in the building industry is a great way to educate potential clients, boost engagement and ultimately increase sales.


If you’re interested in integrating Facebook ads to drive more leads or level up your marketing strategy, get in touch with the expert team at Sea Salt Marketing today.

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