AI meets SEO: Why It Pays for Builders to Invest in SEO

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It’s true what they say – if you ever need to hide a dead body – use the second page of Google. The average person doesn’t go past page 1 and more than 70% of all clicks goes to the top 5 results on page 1.

When it comes to marketing for the building and construction industry, search engine optimization (SEO) is often overlooked. However, investing in SEO can be a highly effective way to attract new customers, increase brand awareness, and ultimately drive more qualified enquiry and more recently, benefit from new AI tools that are all the rage right now.

Read on to find out why it pays to invest in SEO.

Higher Visibility in Search Engines

We all know that when you don’t know something, you turn to Google. Marketing tactics like Google Ads is a great way to produce strong short-term results, however investing in SEO is a much longer-term view of your marketing spend.

Getting good organic rankings will mean your business will be present within search results even when you switch those ads off. This means that when people search for keywords related to your business, your website will be more likely to appear at the top of the results, and over time with consistent investment, those valuable top 5 positions.

Not only is getting onto the first page of results crucial, getting higher in the ranks of the results can lead to more website traffic, more enquiry and ultimately more business.

Quite simply, investing in SEO means ensuring your building business is visible to potential customers when they’re searching for building services online.

Example: the below graph showcases the number of search terms recorded per day for ‘Builder Near Me’. With up to 100 searches per day for this particular phrase, getting your building business in front of people searching via search engine results will pay dividends for a long time to come.

Another thing to think about, if you’ve been reading any tech news in 2023, is about how artificial intelligence (AI) like ChatGPT is going to change the nature of search results in the future. When AI assistants like ChatGPT become shorthand for finding information without having to do any filtering or researching yourself, those businesses who have invested in SEO will be ahead of the curve.

Current Client Example: A potential customer might be wondering who the best builders are. Rather than conducting their own research, find and filter the results and read a whole bunch of reviews, they quickly ask an AI to tell them.

The AI scans relevant data available on the internet and produces a recommendation, similar to the below. This means that they have found a select few businesses who they might consider working with, without the need to search themselves. Those businesses that have exceptional SEO strategies will be found in the results.

So who does ChatGPT recommend as the top 5 builders in Melbourne’s northern suburbs? Sea Salt client RODA Developments, who have been investing in SEO with us for the last 5 years.

More Qualified Leads

SEO can also help you attract more qualified leads. We know that you don’t want to do all types of building jobs out there – you want to take on the ones that are in your niche, in your area, and are the types of jobs you want to work on.

If you are a design and construct builder, you don’t want to spend your time filtering out small renovation jobs. By optimising your website for the relevant keywords and phrases that are of interest to you, you can attract people who are actively searching for the building services you offer. These leads are more likely to be interested in your services and more likely to convert into customers.

Long-Term Results

SEO is a long-term strategy that can continue to deliver results over time. While paid advertising can provide quick results, without the right marketing partner it can be difficult to transition these short-term wins into long-term success.

Investing in SEO can lead to sustainable, long-term growth for your building company. By consistently optimising your website for search engines, you can attract more leads and drive more business for years to come.

Our view? A blend is best. There is no silver bullet for marketing in today’s digital age – no one channel can deliver on every single marketing objective. Google Ads (a short-term marketing tactic) and SEO (a long-term marketing tactic) are complementary marketing strategies that work together to drive results.

Competitive Advantage

Finally, investing in SEO can provide you with a competitive advantage. While many construction companies may overlook SEO, those that invest in it can gain a significant edge over their competitors. Just take a look at the RODA example earlier – they will now benefit from new AI technology, all due to their long-term view and investment in SEO.

By appearing higher in search engine results pages, attracting more qualified leads, and providing a better user experience, you can stand out from the competition and win more business in your local market.

Navigating SEO and Google Ads is a tricky thing to master, and if you’re actively working in your business and job sites you likely don’t have the time to find your way alone. Partnering with Sea Salt Marketing, marketing specialists for the building and construction industry, will enable you to tap into years of expertise and learning, making marketing one less thing to worry about.

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