4 Ways To Get To Know The Builder Behind The Brand

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As a building business owner, you’re often busy being on the tools doing what you do best. But what if you started sharing more of yourself with your audience – why you live for building, the reason you chose this industry, and, your personality?

It’s these things that set you apart and that your audience engage with, so what’s not to love?

Here’s four ways to do it.

  1. Team Pictures

Your audience loves seeing faces! When we do our end of month reporting for our building clients, we see that ‘People Posts’ get an average of +32% more engagement than any other content on social media.

Showcasing your team and your face on your social media puts the person to the name. And there are no filters required because the more authentic the photo, the better it meaningfully engages the people who follow you. If you have young, savvy social media lovers on site, even better! Have them snap pics and share them with you so you can update your socials and show people what their builders are made of.

  1. Meet the Team Series on social media

This takes people content to the next level of engagement with your audience because your team are letting your audience get to know them – what they love to do, their favourite part of construction, their morning coffee order.

Your audience starts to build a relationship with your team and your brand because your personality is being showcased through pictures and words. And your audience starts looking forward to seeing your next post!

  1. Utilise Instagram features for Behind-the-scenes

We’re leveling up again here by letting your audience into the inner sanctum! What really happens at framing stage? How do builders balance on roof trusses? What does underneath a house look like?

Utilising Instagram Story you’re able to show timely behind-the-scenes content of what you and your team get up to every day. What you find mundane and boring – your audience loves! You’re revealing something new and helping your audience learn. You’ll be showing your team’s personality again too, and behind-the-scenes impromptu content is guaranteed to be amusing! 

  1. Regular, educational blog content

People love easy-to-read content that’s valuable, and a blog is your best bet. It allows you to share your expertise, comment on topical content, and help your audience learn about niche topics you’re experienced with.

The great thing about a blog is that it can then be used throughout the entire marketing mix – posted on your website, SEO keywords added in to tick Google’s boxes, posted through your socials and added to your monthly newsletter! Talk about a versatile piece of content!

At Sea Salt marketing, we love helping builders share the brilliant work they do, and the smashing people they are. If you’d like to get yourself out to the world, get in touch and we’ll be all over it.

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