The Importance of Consistent Communication

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One of the things that makes life easy is good communication. Professionally, and personally, constant dialogue helps keep things on track and alleviates confusion. Your clients love to know what’s happening. The tasks that seem every-day to you are super interesting to them, because they’re investing financially and emotionally in what you’re doing. And it’s important to keep them informed for your sanity because being on the front foot will help address any changes and queries.

Here’s how to communicate effectively so you can keep doing what you love – building houses and fostering strong relationships for future builds!

Know how your clients like to communicate

A text, an old school phone call or an email. Understanding what makes your client tick is the key to a smooth relationship. A combination of methods works well because it allows you to use your time efficiently as well as keep records. Phone calls are convenient for you and can be completed between site visits. Texts can clarify on the spot queries. And emails provide an excellent paper trail if the need arises to refer to key decisions.

Routine check-ins

Once you’ve established how your clients like to communicate, it’s great to establish how often they want to hear from you and how often you need to be in touch with them. A weekly email check-in, a quick daily text, or a bi-weekly phone call. Set these check-ins with your client so you know what is expected of you, and you can receive what you require from them.

Routine updates with site photos give your clients something to look forward to, and it’s a double win because it keeps you and your team engaged with the progress. You can celebrate milestones with your client and your trades and suppliers. Positive morale is magical, especially when it’s shared via Socials because having fun at work attracts engagement!

Offer something extra of value

When you are adding extra value to your clients, they will love you even more. Again, what may seem mundane to you will be fascinating to your clients. Show them what you know in a meaningful way, and you will build your credibility with them as well as help them feel involved. Developments in the building industry, new materials, detail around your skill set – all these factors help engage your clients and position you as the expert that you are.

Show what you know

Emails and digital newsletters in your client’s inbox help your business and your brand because they see your logo and associate it with valuable knowledge. Information can be saved and referred to later, not to mention be shared with family and friends who are looking to build. By cementing your brand and expertise in your client’s mind, you’re proactively providing value to them and increasing your brand awareness.


Create a Client Login

Smart software takes efficiency and effectiveness to the next level, and a client login is a great way to achieve this for your business.

Buildertrend offers a good solution, or you can create your own client login so you can keep your clients up to date with the progress of their build at the touch of a button.

At Sea Salt Marketing, we make builder’s marketing worry free. And because we focus solely on the building and construction industry, we keep on top of digital trends relevant to you so you can keep on building beautiful homes for your clients. If you’d like to find out more about digital marketing for your building and construction business, we would love to talk with you! Contact us today to get started.

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