5 Apps that Make Life Easier On the Go

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The growing dependence on the digital world has made everything more mobile, and for me, being the other half of a pilot our lifestyle requires me to have a business model that takes advantage of this wherever possible! Over the years, I have come across a few awesome apps that make my life so much easier on the go!

  1. Xero accounting- A super easy-to-use accounting app that allows me to organize my business finances in a few simple clicks. It gives me the ability to reconcile, pay and invoice on-the-go and I’m able to see my financial position at a glace, as well as expected cash flow for the month. Even if numbers aren’t your strong point, you will find this app super easy to use and feel more in control of your finances.
  2. Hootsuite– I have a client that used to get to about 4pm every day and she’d be like “Ah I need to post something on Facebook!”….she set her phone alarm and gave herself 10 minutes to find a photo and say something about it. Posting, Liking, Hashtagging & Sharing its hard to keep on top of it and ensure you’re sharing valuable information that your audience finds engaging. With Hootsuite you can schedule in posts for all your social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In & Tumblr. I sit down for one day and load in all my content for that month – this helps keep a consistent tone, share a variety of content and gives you so much time back in your month to work on other parts of your business. It is one of my favourite apps that I use.
  3. Google Analytics – With this app, you can easily check the traffic, conversion and sales of your website with one click. It also has the ability of “real time” so you can see who is on your site at any given time, where they’re from and what they are clicking on. These customer insights can be hugely helpful in determining actionable strategies for your business. The best thing? You can be lying by the pool whilst you’re thinking of how to improve your website, no need to be at a desk!
  4. Dropbox- If you don’t have enough space on your phone to store big artwork files, photos and presentations then the Dropbox app is perfect. I use this all the time to share files with clients and provide comments and feedback on work in progress documents no matter where we are. The Dropbox app comes up with an intuitive interface that allowing me to keep and organize all my files in the cloud without taking up precious space on my phone.
  5. Fiverr– Where you can find almost any business service for $5! It’s effectively an online marketplace that gives you access to a wide consumer network across the world. Download the app, post a job and let people bid on it for you, starting from $5. It’s perfect for small jobs that needs to be done quickly, and the best thing….you can view it from anywhere!

There are lots more out there, but these are some of the ones that allow me to focus on more the life part of work/life balance, hopefully you find them as useful as I do!

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