How to Target the Right Audience and Attract A-Grade Clients

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No business appeals to everyone – even a multi-national, trillion dollar company like Apple can’t win over all audiences. Instead of wasting precious time, money and resources advertising to a broad demographic (many of whom won’t be interested in your services), it’s essential pinpoint the right audience for your construction business.

Targeting the right audience is the best way to attract A-grade clients. You know the ones – those high-reward, low-maintenance customers who are on the same page as you, who know what they want but are open to your ideas and most importantly, who trust you to deliver on their vision.

When you speak to your ideal audience, attracting A-grade clients can become a seamless process. It’s all about working smarter not harder! Keep reading to discover how you can harness the power of digital marketing to target the right audience and attract A-grade clients with ease.

What is the ‘Right’ Audience?

The ‘right’ audience is different for every builder and what’s right for you won’t necessarily work for the builder around the corner. Essentially, your ideal audience consists of individuals who are most likely to engage with and benefit from your services.

To determine the kind of audience you want to appeal to, think about the qualities you appreciate in a client – who do you genuinely enjoy working with and who would you rather not deal with? Once you establish the ‘right’ audience for your business, you are one step closer to attracting those coveted A-grade clients.

Build an ‘Ideal’ Customer Persona

Once you have a clearer idea of your target audience, it’s a good idea to build a customer persona that represents your ideal customer. Study your existing clients by using completed projects and marketing data or think about the following points to get started:

  • Age and gender
  • Life stage – i.e. families, retirees, young professionals
  • Number of children (if any)
  • Place and type of work
  • Average annual income
  • Hobbies
  • Needs, wants and personality traits
  • Pain points

By considering the above points, you can build out a customer persona that describes your ideal client in specific detail. For example, you might answer these questions and determine that your perfect client is… a young professional woman aged 35, who lives in Melbourne’s inner suburbs, is married, earns six figures, has a young family, loves to socialise and is looking for a custom home that’s low-maintenance, aesthetically pleasing and well-suited to entertaining.

The more detail you include, the easier it will be to identify A-grade clients when they get in touch. It’s important to note that many builders have a number of unique target audiences – in this case, we recommend building out a specific customer persona per audience.

Tailor Communication to Your Ideal Client

Once you’ve answered the above questions, you can start tailoring communications to your ideal client. Use social media posts to showcase how your specific services can address clients pain points and challenges. Create blogs that address common questions asked by your ideal clients, providing valuable insights and solutions. Additionally, launch advertising campaigns that highlight your expertise in building homes that align with your clients’ needs, wants and interests.

When you have a specific audience in mind, you can create relevant and engaging content that speaks directly to your client’s needs and wants. This approach is far more valuable than simply sharing generic content that may or may not appeal to a wide audience. Targeting your communications will also help you establish authority with your target audience, further strengthening your position in the industry.

Create Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Most digital platforms feature audience segmentation and targeting options that allow you to create highly targeted marketing campaigns. Armed with your ideal customer persona(s), you can narrow down your audience based on various criteria – from geographical location, personal characteristic and interests to search keywords and device placement.

Using the customer persona above as an example, this builder may choose to create a Facebook or Google Ad that targets females aged 32–45 who are interested in entertaining, family-friendly activities and home organisation. They could then choose to have this advertisement shown on laptops only between 9am and 5pm in the Melbourne CBD area. This level of precision means you can reach the right people at the right time, reducing any unnecessary marketing spend and improving the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Gather and Analyse Valuable Data

Once you’ve taken the time to build out specific customer personas and used this to create tailored marketing campaigns, you will almost certainly start attracting A-grade clients. While this is always worth celebrating, the work doesn’t stop here!

Once you’ve had a few success stories, analyse what went well and why. You’ll likely see patterns in the types of clients you enjoy working with and commonalities in the qualities of these clients. You can then use this data to improve future communication and create even more effective marketing campaigns. Be sure to collect data from various sources, including your website, social media channels, email marketing software and Google Ads to gain a comprehensive overview of your audience’s behaviour.

Through analysis, you might find that your ideal audience is more likely to engage with you on certain channels rather than others (for example, 90% of your A-grade clients might be coming from your website and email marketing, while only 10% come from social media). By gathering and analysing data on a regular basis, you can tweak your strategy to better target your ideal clients and maximise your marketing spend.


If you’re looking for an experienced marketing team to help you maximise your marketing dollars and attract A-grade clients, get in touch with Sea Salt Marketing today.

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