Top Tips for Saving Time, Money And Resources with Marketing Automations for Builders.

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Brilliant brands always communicate regularly with their customers – it’s a proven strategy to remain top of mind with the people you want to have spending their money with you. And in today’s online world, email marketing is one of the best ways you can be in front of your potential clients.

Being seen in someone’s inbox allows them to become familiar with your brand in an efficient and effective way. And appearing at regular intervals brings your business to their attention in a way that is proven to work, and benefit you by building trust and recalling what you stand for.

Set And Forget

When it comes to digital marketing, there aren’t too many channels that allow you to “Set And Forget”. We are always being told to produce more content, post frequently, get in the newsfeed! It’s never ending and can be overwhelming when you’re an owner of a business wearing many hats on a daily basis.

To run your business effectively, you need to focus on what you do best – building incredible homes for your clients. Email marketing makes your marketing efficient – it’s possibly the best “Set and Forget” tactic for your business because you can say exactly what you want to once, and then share it with many. Your entire database will receive on-brand communication every time you engage with them.

On Brand Messaging

The flow on effect is that your sales and marketing have the same messaging. Your ad campaigns on Facebook (Meta) and Google are reinforced with valuable information in the form of your email marketing campaign. This consistent and contextual feed of communication allows your clients to build familiarity with your offering so they remember you ahead of any other builders they may be researching or talking to.

Nurture And Convert

Another benefit is that email marketing nurtures your leads by helping them to get across the line to sign the contract – by seeing your brand and the ways you can benefit them in their inbox on a regular basis, your potential clients are reminded of their initial conversation with you and are reassured you are ready to engage with them when they have made the decision to proceed with their building project.

Email marketing demonstrates that you are committed to your potential clients. By offering them helpful tips and showing your experience, you position yourself as a collaborative expert that will bring value to one of the biggest financial and emotional decisions they will ever make – deciding to build their home with you.

Track Your ROI

And then there’s data and reporting – two words all excellent builders love! Email marketing allows you to track what potential clients engage with, and how they travel along the journey. If you’re getting upwards of 40% open rates on an email topic, that’s what your audience wants to hear more about from you. If your open rate starts to decrease, it may be due to wear-out, so you’ll need to consider updating the message. And if client engagement is below industry standard of 17%, it’s a flag to reset the message.

One of our clients recently sent us an excerpt of a client enquiry form which asks how they found out about RODA Developments. The answer was “Can’t remember but I’ve been getting your emails for years” – enough said!

At Sea Salt Marketing, our clients see the benefit of email marketing every day. Some potential clients write directly in response to these emails, apologising for the delay in their response! If you would like your leads proactively reaching out to you, then email marketing is something you need as part of your marketing strategy.

Contact us today and let’s get you started with email marketing.

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