The Major Marketing Trends of 2021

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No one could have imagined that 2020 would upend the world as we know it, completely transforming our relationship with technology and social media.

While social media usage has risen dramatically over the past decade, the pandemic and consequential worldwide lockdowns saw us become increasingly reliant on various media platforms to fulfil our basic needs – from communication with loved ones to grocery shopping. Whatever boundaries we had between online or offline life quickly dissolved in 2020.

Despite the vaccine beginning to be rolled out, 2021 still looks like a year to be defined by pandemic restrictions and increased digital reliance. So, what does that mean for marketing? Read on to find out what we at Sea Salt believe to be the biggest marketing trends for the year ahead.

Instagram will remain on top

If statistics from 2020 are anything to go by, Instagram will remain the most effective social media platform for marketing in 2021. With the introduction of Reels and a number of other ingenious business tools, Instagram is now one of the most successful social media platforms to foster brand connections that lead to enquiry.

In a report by Hootsuite, 60% of businesses were found to be planning on increasing their Instagram advertising budget and almost half were planning to increase their budget on other platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. While TikTok may be all the rage at the moment, this hasn’t led to a great increase in brand spending on the app.

The dominance of online webinars

While many of us may be suffering from Zoom fatigue after a year in lockdown, virtual webinars and workshops will continue to grow in 2021 and remain a smart, engaging and efficient tool for digital marketing. The power of webinars is that they can be orchestrated in real-time across social media platforms, offering businesses the chance to engage with the entirety of their digital audience at the same time.

The trick will be to create sessions which cut through the noise, offering audiences the chance to interact with the event like they would in person. While this may seem like an unusual marketing tool for those in the construction industry, the possibilities are endless…

You could use tools such as Facebook and Instagram Live to host an educational series where audience members ask questions about the building process. A video of these streams can then be made available using the Instagram TV feature, and highlights can be disseminated via Instagram Story.

For instance, our clients Ramsay Builders host a regular ‘Ask A Builder’ Instagram series, where company director Brett Ramsay answers questions as varied as ‘How has COVID-19 affected the building industry to ‘can client’s use their own trades in a residential build?’

In a time when we are all eager for connection, online events provide a human face to your brand and add to your potential clients’ trust and rapport with the business.

More focus on Baby Boomers

There is a long-held myth that Baby Boomers are less active or savvy on social media so digital marketing should be targeted to those in a younger age bracket. We believe that in 2021 more digital marketing agencies will direct resources and funds into targeting older demographics and creating digital strategies that appeal to this section of society.

This is pertinent to those in the construction industry, as the 2020 Yellow Social Media Report found that 47% of people who use social media to research home services (like builders) are aged 65 years and older. These statistics show that it is essential for building companies to have a strong digital presence and advertising strategy on Facebook in particular to reach this demographic.

Investment in making the home a holiday retreat

With international travel still off the table for the foreseeable future, we expect to see those who would usually be spending money on flights and accommodation to be investing their savings into making their homes an oasis in 2021. This could mean undertaking a large-scale renovation or simply adding a pool.

In 2020, the Facebook IQ report found that many social media users were busy renovating, with a 20% increase in households undertaking DIY home projects. Further, online home remodelling platform Houzz reported a 58% increase in project leads for home professionals. They especially saw a boom in demand for outdoor works, with searches for spa and pool professionals three times what they were the previous year.

So, what does this mean for builders and marketing? Simply put, now is the time to invest in a tailored social media strategy that focuses on services such as renovations, extensions and improving the livability of your home.

Looking to find out how you can apply these marketing trends to your own business? Get in touch with the team at Sea Salt Marketing today!

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