Building Insider: Q&A with Geelong’s Wet Area Solutions

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As a builder’s marketer, we always try and stay informed about the latest building technologies and innovations. We’re also extremely passionate about connecting our clients with suppliers at the forefront of the industry, who can help ease the construction process for our clients.

Arguably one of the most technical and stressful parts of the construction process is waterproofing the bathroom and other internal, wet-prone areas. This where Wet Area Solutions come in. They’re an esteemed Geelong-based manufacturer and supplier who sell innovative, leak-proof products to residential and commercial builders across the country.

We sat down with Wet Area Solution’s director Phillip Royce to talk everything waterproofing! 

Sea Salt Marketing: What is Wet Areas Solutions all about?

Phillip Royce: We’re a manufacturer and distributor of unique solutions for protecting wet areas in domestic and commercial construction. This includes products like leak-proof tile over trays, solid surface bases, vanities, shower niches and the DensShield, which is a tile backer board with a built-in waterproof membrane.

We are passionate about waterproof solutions, and our directors have over 30 years of professional experience in servicing commercial and residential builders with innovative and cost-effective bathroom and wet area products. We also manufacture products specifically for the Australian construction industry and also distribute singular and ground-breaking wet area solutions from leading companies across the globe. 

SSM: What makes Wet Area Solutions different?

PR: We’re invested in providing the Australian building sector with cutting-edge and leak-proof products for bathrooms and other internal wet areas. We have a long-standing history of developing and promoting value-for-money, waterproof products which are easy to install and save builder’s precious time. Our products help eliminate the human error component of installing waterproof products into wet areas.

For instance, our tile over trays are light-weight but strong, durable and come in a range of sizes (they can also be custom made!). They come with a considerable warranty and are extremely time-saving as they cut out the process of checking them into wall studs and if you’re installing them for an upstairs subfloor or for a home on stumps, you won’t have to screed and waterproof the shower before tiling.

The solid surface shower bases are designed to create a seamless look from your floor to shower base and come in a wide range of colours and sizes. Like the tile over trays, they can also be made custom. They are very high-quality and made from an advanced blend of natural minerals, pigments and acrylic resin and do not contain any crystalline Silica. The shower bases are also completely non-porous which prevents bacteria from penetrating, making them resistant to the growth of mould and mildew.

SSM: What are some of the most common waterproofing issues in a bathroom?

PR: The waterproof methods in Australia are long and arduous, with plenty of room for error. If you use a typical waterproofing membrane, the integrity of the area can be compromised by structural movement. Curing time also takes up to 7 days to complete so the waterproofing process can sometimes be interrupted and spoiled by tradespeople completing other work in the area.

SSM: What’s your most popular product?

PR: Definitely our Tile Over Shower Trays, which are pretty well known across the Australian building and renovation industry and are manufactured and distributed by many. What makes ours trays different, however, is that they come in one piece (so they don’t require any joins which could result in water seeping through) and they come with a patented lip flashing design, which removes the additional labour of having to attach to wall studs. Our price on these is pretty competitive too.

SSM: What is the life expectancy and maintenance schedule for your products?

PR: Our tile trays have a structural warranty of 7 years, but if our products are installed correctly, they will last for as long as the house does – so many, many years! The DenShield tile backer board has a lifetime warranty for residential, and 20 years for commercial, but again, none of these products should require regular maintenance after installation. They are sturdy and built to last!

SSM: The DensShield Waterproof Tile Backer Board has a built-in moisture barrier. What is the advantage of this for builders and DIY renovators?

PR: The biggest advantage is that they mean no waterproofing is required. They get rid of the fuss and hassle of additional conventional waterproofing, which can easily go wrong and cause complications down the track. They are so simple to install that they are not only made for seasoned builders but can be used easily by DIY renovators. This is because they can be cut with a standard Stanley knife, installed vertically or horizontally and are 25% lighter than villaboard. With our DenShields you’ll save time as you won’t have to wait the 5 days (minimum) of curing.


To learn more about Wet Area Solutions, head onto their website:

If you’re looking to work with a Builder’s Marketer at the forefront of the industry who can connect you with quality and innovative suppliers, get in touch with Sea Salt today.

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