There Is No Physical Business Without A Digital Presence

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Social media is used more today than ever before. With 9 out of 10 Australians carrying a smartphone in their pocket, these figures are not surprising.

Social media is used every day by people of all demographics, whether it’s engaging with family and friends on Facebook, scrolling through Instagram or watching videos on YouTube. It’s no surprise that with the growing number of social media users, companies have created and invested in their own digital presence. 


Facebook is the most used social media platform in the world. With the ability to message family and friends no matter where they are in the world, the user demographic of Facebook has the greatest range than any other social media platform, from new teens to seniors. Facebook allows you to share photos, ideas and thoughts all on one platform, but that’s not all you could do.

Facebook also gives you the ability to implement marketing campaigns through business pages. With the extremely low cost of creating Facebook advertisements it is a great place to start for new and upcoming businesses and also for large organisations to engage with their clients and other users. Easily select your target audience, your budget, a time frame and away you go. 

With 10 hours a week being spent on Facebook by the average user, there’s no reason not be on there. 


Over 9 million people in Australia used Instagram in May, 2019. That’s only in one month! Starting out as a platform to share photos of yourself or your business, Instagram has quickly turned into a modern day portfolio that your clients, customers and even employers will look through. Your Instagram feed should reflect who you are or what your business is. Creating an aesthetically pleasing feed to scroll through is highly attractive to fellow users. Keeping a consistent theme with quality images can generate high traffic on your page and more followers too, as users can see what your business entails through images that capture every moment.

Easily keep track of your likes and posts through the analytic tabs available on Instagram to see how your posts are tracking. As Facebook owns Instagram, posting on both platforms can be done simultaneously which is a great time saver and an amazing way to connect with your followers and other users.  

With over 1 billion users and 80% of them following a business page, it has become a critical platform to develop a business profile. 


There is nothing easier and more informative than watching a short video. A person would be more inclined to watch a video on how to assemble a desk than to read an instruction manual that doesn’t make any sense. Attracting more than 15 million Australian viewers a month, YouTube is the biggest online video sharing platform. With video monetisation and YouTube advertisements, starting a channel has never been so inviting. As Google owns YouTube, using analytics that are available on these platforms (Google Analytics and YouTube Analytics) can be greatly beneficial for a business. 

With statistics showing an increasing trend that Youtube is being watched more than traditional television, it is a great route that businesses can take to grow a larger audience. Watching an informative video that doesn’t need a script, is highly attractive for potential clients to see the real everyday activities that a business encounters. Click here to see how Kurt from Builders Coach does it!

YouTube allows you to gather views, comments, likes and shares on your video content to draw in potential customers and engage with your existing subscribers and clients.  

With clear growing trends in social media and the number of daily users, businesses should quickly jump on board in the digital world, to be more accessible and searchable to the public. Display who you are and what your business does across all of these social media platforms. 

With the amazingly high traffic and user rate why look anywhere else? 

To find out more about how social media can transform your business get in touch with The Builders Marketer now!

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