Your Marketing Results Are Only As Good As Your Content

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In the world of marketing, the term “quality content” is frequently thrown around without any clear definition of what it is. Fortunately, the term is simple to understand, as it just refers to creating valuable information that is shareable, memorable, quotable and most of all successful. 

The more work you put in, the more you’ll get out. 

You have definitely heard this phrase multiple times in your life, yet it is actually true, even in the world of marketing. Taking the time to put effort into what you post and how you engage with your audience, is key in the process of establishing a great foundation for your company and its digital presence. Time and effort should also be applied when you are creating a marketing brief, that you then send to a marketing team or agency. A brief outlines the scope and aspirations of what a business wants to achieve. This could include, campaign objectives, the target market, direct competitors, timings and budget. A more detailed marketing brief will result in a higher rate of achieving digital marketing success. 

 Contribution, connection and consistency is critical. 

Utilising paid marketing tools on social media platforms generate a lot of traffic and views on your posts for a very low price, but if the quality is not there, many users will just continue scrolling. Creating eye-catching and valuable content will demonstrate that you are a business that cares about your image and carry yourself to a high standard, as your digital presence reflects your business operations. This could also generate trust between the business and their potential customers. 

Understand your online audience and cater to their needs. 

Investigate what is attracting users to your site or page. This could be achieved by reading comments or questions and assessing the number of likes or shares on posts, to find out how you can target your content to your users. This will ultimately lead to attracting more followers. Taking advantage of analytic tools such as Google Analytics, will also provide you with clear visual information about how posts are tracking and where adjustments can be made to achieve a higher traffic rate.   

Analytic tools are more prominent and simple to comprehend now, more than ever before. Assessing graphs on Instagram, Facebook or Google analytics will provide the you with a thorough overview of all activity on your page. But remember, simply investing money in your marketing does not always result in success, the quality must be there first. 

Consistency is key. 

This phrase is not overused for no good reason or evidence to back it up. Take a company like Mercedes-Benz for example. The feeling of luxury is achieved in every showroom worldwide. When you walk into a dealership you know what you are in for. A high level of service with premium products on display. This is how Mercedes-Benz sustains their standard of consistency. Click here to see their Instagram and how the quality of their content perfectly aligns with their brand’s image. 

Maintaining a level of consistency in any aspect of your life will generally result in success. Aim to inspire your audience with your content, cultivate their focus and stay consistent with the quality being produced. Users/followers can evolve into potential future clients or customers if they can observe a high quality trend in your content creation, as Instagram is considered the modern business/personal portfolio. Portray images and posts that align with your brand’s image and reflect the quality of your work. Check out 2019’s Instagram statistics of user and brand interaction! 

With digital marketing rapidly changing and developing, media channels have only become more sophisticated, specific and searchable. Therefore the content you have readily available, can be seen by mass numbers of users, and you would want to make a good impression wouldn’t you? Constantly updating and improving your content creation will get you directly on the path to success! 

Get in touch with the team at Sea Salt Marketing, and discover ways you can elevate your business. 

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